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Sabhan Adam 

Sabhan Adam is a world-renown self- made plastic artist.  Today his art is a quasi-independent school that has its own Orwellian nature and his artworks are shown in museums and galleries around the world.


His colored characters are formed in a violent way that suggests a deep rebel psychology that exceedes the entire impressionist and pictorial school techniques.


“I look after my works very gently more than parents to their children, and in spite of the mystery and the marginal aspect of these works, I call them the isolation entities” Sabhan Adam says.


He emphasizes that his human


Man, 177 x 134 cm, Mixed media on canvas, 2008

Faces, Acrylic on Canvas, 161 x 140 cm, 2013

creations are attached to pain, fear and phobia which our society constantly suffers from. His works are marked with honesty so far from falseness and black hearts, his paintings, as for them, differ from skepticism to humor, pain and despotism.


It is almost possible to hear the voices coming out of Sabhan’s paintings, he doesn’t depict the human face as in the verse of the holy Koran, the faces he paints come from the womb of nature in its initial primitivism, as opposed to the beauty of mind and law at the same time.

The human being seems to be searching for himself, and wondering: WHO AM I?


The features are mixed with inhuman ones, distorted from their nature. This distortion has a special easthetic that is reflected in the protest, incitement, mutiny and rebellion.

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