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 Halida Boughriet 

Invited by Sana Gallery to exhibit in Singapore, Halida Boughriet is a French and Algerian artist currently living and working in Paris.


She graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts of Paris, then continuing  her studies at the cinema School VISUALARTS’ (SVA) in New York in their 2005 program.


That same year, she obtained the 1st Prize for the Young Talents LVMH with her photography “Attente du Verdict” (Awaiting the verdict).


Her work is diverse, starting from ‘performance’ to achieve 


Murmures, Color, Sound, VO, 22’, 2009

photography, leading onto videos and the creation of installations. 


Halida aims to incorporate various subjects with her work and thus her pieces are an amalgamation of social issues, political and aesthetic concerns. Through this she intends to highlight the nature of society, which perhaps creates violent and diverse human relations. 


Her video and her photography works are shown in the Mnam/ CCI Collection at the centre George Pompidou and at the MAC/VAL, Museum of Contemporary art in Val-de- Marne, a suburb of Paris.


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