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Sana Gallery is Asia's first Contemporary Middle Eastern Art Gallery.

After being nested in the heart of the Spottiwoode Park district during four years, Sana Gallery has now become a Pop-Up Gallery, running curated shows in South-East Asia. 


Sana Gallery serves as a platform for new images and ideas about the Middle east – presenting exciting Middle eastern talent to clients and partners in Singapore, South east asia, india and china.


Our projects include pop-up exhibitions anchored around artists’ commissions, installations, artists’ talks and performances.


The Middle East is undergoing an era of unprecedented upheaval, often referred to as the Arab Spring. From Morocco to Iran, societies are in the midst of wrenching transformations.

Art and politics have historically had a strong relationship, with upheavals in particular unleashing powerful creative forces.


The contemporary art scene has been flourishing in the Middle East, and it is being bolstered by the extraordinary political, social and economic changes under way.


These creative forces, now in full bloom, are producing an exciting new wave of contemporary art, in countries as varied as Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, the Gulf Arab countries, Yemen and Iran.


Artists are bearing witness to the transformational evolution of Middle Eastern societies, in some cases influencing politics in their own right. The Arab Spring is young and it is but a phase in a long process of change in the Middle East.


At Sana Gallery, we anticipate that the explosive creativity we are witnessing across the Middle East will endure for decades, as the Arab Spring evolves and metamorphoses. We bring to collectors based in South East Asia outstanding examples of Middle Eastern art bearing witness to the upheaval at home and believe that acquisitions of this compelling art will significantly enhance the value of art collections in the region.


Sana Gallery was founded in 2012 in Singapore by Assaad W. Razzouk, the British-Lebanese clean energy and climate change entrepreneur.

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